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More of us are already doing

More of us are already doing

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Your hair condition on arrival

If you're already dreadlocked...

Feel free to wash your hair before you come to me. It’s almost the best moment, as it’s in even better condition than before you washed it, so you don’t have to worry about the wash pulling out the strands.

You don’t have to do anything to your hair, pull the strands apart, twist or anything, I’ll do it for you.

If you have a berry, ring, anything on your roots, you might want to take it out for this time. Leave your accessories at home and then when you get home you can put them back in your hair. That way you can avoid losing them, or you can put them back on yourself and take them out. Time doesn’t pass with these things.

If you are not already dreadlocked

Be sure to wash your hair 1-2 days before shaving with soap, and only soap! It doesn’t matter the brand to me, it can be 80 Ft DM, or 8000 ft organic hyper-super other universe hippie soap wrought from hippie souls. If you want to be safe, do the last few washes with soap. (If you have to use a special shampoo for some skin or other problem, use that, only the last rinse round should be the soap you use. If this causes any problems, let me know as soon as possible, as it can add 20-70% to the preparation time, meaning days more time on your dreadlocks.) It will be very easy to work with your hair this way because of what you did above, it will go together faster and it will last longer. In the short term, it’s in my interest to make faster progress with your hair, and in the long term, it’s in your interest to have a more beautiful and durable dreadlock in the future.

Just because dreadlocks are made up of tangles, doesn’t mean you can work beautifully with basically tangled hair! That’s why you should comb your hair thoroughly the morning before dreadlocking, so that you can work with it. Otherwise, you won’t have the perfect texture of your tufts, or you’ll have tufts of different sizes (as you’ve just put a few strands together, according to the).

Arrival with wet hair

It is absolutely essential that you come to us with 101% dry hair. Whatever process I’m going to do on you. Not only wet hair, but even wet hair that is just damp is a problem because the strands won’t stick, which means I won’t be able to crochet it. And don’t start your whole process I think with 1-2 hours of hair drying, as you’ll run out of time (which is important for all of us, of course).

Make sure you don't just exist

I know you’ve been waiting for this moment for months or years, but I’d like to invite you to plan something together. Since you’re going to be spending a lot of hours under my hands, here’s what you need to be prepared for! Not to mention that if you don’t come properly prepared, your pain threshold will start from a worse position, you’ll get tired faster during the lattice work.

Getting enough sleep before dreadlocks

Unfortunately, many of you got up early to get to me on time. The night before you have excitement going on, oh-so farewell party, visiting relatives as new people will be returning, the new episode of your favourite show has come out, so you want to watch all the seasons in a marathon night. Of course these are good ideas…they would be if I could work with tired people. However, you have to sit in a relatively uncomfortable position for 4-8-16 hours the next day, not the most pleasant of feelings. It is very important to arrive as rested as possible and not leave it to chance. Because you will only suffer, you will have a bad experience with your first moment with your beloved hair, not to mention that I will not be able to keep up with you at the planned pace and you will probably not make it to your last flight or the next registered client will come to me (and it’s not my fault you won’t be ready as I and you would like).
So the day before, please get some rest and a good night’s sleep!

Food, drink and all that's good...

There is not much light coming into the dado part of the house, so it is not feasible to photosynthesise now. Bring plenty to eat and drink for yourself, or let us know if you want to order something tasty so we can get it to you in time.

Nutritional needs

Please NO!

Not a Good Idea!

I know it’s a lot of fun to get a tattoo or a piercing while drunk or “stoned” in the movies, but surely dreadlocks can be just as much fun … many people think. Very bad idea! The stuff we do is a process that takes hours. However, you sober up here, it is often painful to dreadlock and you have to sit. You have to put up with it for 4-16 hours. Please reconsider these ideas for the day before or during dreadlocks!

It is in your own best interest not to show up illuminated, as this will make the procedure even more painful. Respect me with your sobriety.

Hooooooohhh... Wait!

I need a break ... it's a lot to take in!

Blow a few! Stretch, drink coffee. 


Weight of your companions

Of course, it’s OK to have a companion for this distance and for this long, so you don’t get kidnapped by UFOs or just come along for boredom. However, you should have a maximum of two people. Because the dreadlock salon is very small and cannot comfortably accommodate that many people, it is designed for 2 people by default. So please bring only one or two people who are willing to sit for hours.

Your companion will probably be even more bored than you and us put together, so find a programme for him in Szeged. There’s plenty to do, take a little walk around! Plazas, museums, festivals and conferences, nice streets, Tiszapart, etc.

Here’s a taste of Szeged:

The travellers with you

Travel to us

Travel there and back

Remember that there are three ways to make your journey work. I would write the list from the most expensive to the cheapest half, and you won’t miss anything. Do your research on travel times, frequency of departures and fares. It’s possible that your first thought is far from ideal for you!

  • Helicopter (…I’m not judging you at first, you could be a billionaire)
  • Own (or friend’s) car
  • Bus
  • Train
  • Oscar, Blabla car, Carpool, similar car sharing services (I recommend!)

Exact time of your arrival and departure?

Yes, right! You’re dying for this hair! I understand, I believe, and I know best of all, as a dreadlock for 19 years, how good it will be for you. However, you should still keep your appointment. So it’s okay if you are a few minutes late because of traffic, I assume you will call me anyway. However, arriving 1-2 hours early can be a nuisance. I would probably be doing something else there, preparing for your arrival, and I might not even get home. On the other hand, if there is someone ahead of you, you have to wait until the end, we feel the crossfire of urgent eyes, so that you can come. On the other hand, you wouldn’t be happy if I had to rush you in your last hours, because the next one is already there, and doesn’t want to let you have more amazing hair than ever.

And when you leave, it’s important to know when your flight leaves. Do you need to buy a ticket or do you have one. Whether your car is booked, if you’re renting accommodation, whether it’s already booked, etc. As this is not strictly related to the dreadlocks, it shouldn’t be my job.

Let’s not stress out about these things (although I don’t, but you would all the more in such cases). Let’s get ready like a professional dreadlock so that we can then concentrate on making the hair beautiful ;)!


Attention, getting in is not so easy!


6/B. Mérey street, Szeged, Hungary

Room 405, that’s the fourth floor.
(At the entrance you have to tell the porter where you are coming from. This means you have a reservation for room 405.) 

Attention! If you are not arriving Monday-Friday between 7:00am-6:00pm, there is no concierge service, so the building is closed. Therefore, please call the phone number shown a few inches below so that our colleague can come down to the entrance to let you in.

Your phone number to call when you arrive on site:

Parking tips

The whole downtown of Szeged is pay parking from Monday to Friday 8:00-18:00. However, you can park for free at the Szeged Árkád. As you can see in the picture below, it is a 9 minute walk from us. 

So please pay attention (we will not be able to pay attention to this while doing our work) that the Árkád building, including the parking lot, will be closed from 21:45 to 7:00. So during this period you will not be able to enter by any means and you will not be able to exit by car.

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