Dreadlocks extension

In the menu item “How to make a dreadlock” it says that you should make a dreadlock from long hair. However, short hair over 10 cm can be used to make a floor-length hairpiece if you wish. That’s what dreadlock extensions are for. But of course, you can also make do with smaller extensions. On the other hand, you may also need this dreadlock replacement solution for thinning dreadlocks if you want to keep your dreadlock on your head.

Dreadlock extension prices: 19.000 Ft - 150.000 Ft

(Please indicate your invoice request in advance!)

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Dreadlocks extension selected by our references

Dreadlock extension for artificial hair


What do you need to do if you want this?

Here are the steps on how to sign up with us. Send us an email or write on Facebook Messenger with the information below.

Take 2-3 pictures of your hair in its current state and attach them to your message.

(If you’re already dreadlocked, write down exactly how much hair you have.)

Measure the average length of your current hair size.

It’s not the longest or shortest part that counts, we need the average size.

Dream the final dreadlock length. Tell us how long you would like the final result to be, in centimetres.

The important question is whether you want to get the hair replacement (in the case of a human, you’re the eyes of the world) or whether I should get it (I can only get fake hair).
If I get you artificial hair, you have to do the rest:
Choose a colour of fake hair from the pictures below.
Then write me the full name of the color (as you can see below it is brown or black). Write the full name of the hair color as a substitute, because there are similar names.

Write down the dates when you are available to have your dreadlocks extended. Feel free to list 3-5-7 dates, because we’re going to have a pretty full calendar.

Just keep in mind that we don’t usually have any free dates for 1-2 weeks. So, spread out those “availability” dates you listed over 1-6 weeks.


Despite the huge distance, I chose Rasztajavitas.hu because …

... I only saw good reviews about it and I wanted my hair to be perfect. Despite the distance, I recommend it to everyone. Quick, painless, flawless work.
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Marcell Szabó
... after a long search, he seemed to be the most versatile (jointing, thickness, etc.) Besides, all my questions were answered clearly and accurately. I made the right decision !
Zoltán Sike
... I trusted the dreadlock master's years of experience and his convincing work. I can only recommend him!
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András Kovács