Dreadlock maintaining

If it’s been a long time since you’ve had your dreadlocks done, or if your dreadlocks have slipped due to a “mistake”, or if you just want to make them more beautiful, because you’ve got loops or your tufts have grown together, you’ll need this. Get a quote for our dreadlock repair service.

Dreadlock maintaining prices: 15.000 Ft - 60.000 Ft

(Please indicate your invoice request in advance!)

raszta haj javítás

Rasta repair selected from our references

What do you need to do if you want this?

Here are the steps on how to sign up with us. Send us an email or write on Facebook Messenger with the information below.

Take 2-3 pictures of your hair in its current state. The better the quality, the better the pictures should be, and from more than one side. Then attach them to your message.

Write down the dates when you are available to crochet dreadlocks. Feel free to list 3-5-7 dates, because we’re going to have a pretty full calendar.

Contact us if you would like one!


Despite the huge distance, I chose Rasztajavitas.hu because …

... looking at your references I found your work to be impeccable. Once you make a serious decision like this, you should be completely satisfied with it, I am. The positive reviews have made me make this decision.
raszta javítás, raszta készítés Dörgő Daniella Rasztajavitas.hu Ajánlás
Daniella Dörgő
... I get professional, quality work and the dreadlocks I've been dreaming of. And all at a very good price :)!
raszta javítás, raszta készítés Ambrus Sára Rasztajavitas.hu Ajánlás
Sára Ambrus
... I wanted a sophisticated dreadlock. Google image search led me to Szeged. I was not disappointed, I got super hair. Last but not least, I had very nice hospitality!
Bar Anita Rasztajavitas.hu Ajánlás raszta javítás, raszta készítés
Anita Bar