Here are some of the many cases we have heard from our customers. These dreadlock testimonials will show you that you don’t have to fear travelling, don’t let distance put you off the dreadlock you’ve always imagined for yourself.

Dreadlock testimonials

Despite the huge distance, I chose because ...

… számomra fontos, hogy a dreadjeim, hozzáértő, igényes és gondos, szakszerű ellátást kapjanak. Az utazási időm durván 3 óra egy irányba, de töretlenül járok Szűcsihez mar lassan két éve. De az eredmény miatt mindig megéri. Kedves, interaktív a beszélgetések folyamán és szinte otthon érzed magad a stúdióban ahol készíti a hajad. Bátran ajánlom akárkinek!

Oliver Fawkes


raszta készítés, raszta javítás Fawkes Oliver Ajánlás

… after a long search, he seemed to be the most versatile (joints, thickness, etc.) Besides, all my questions were answered clearly and accurately. I made the right decision!

Zoltán Sike


… I found detailed information on the website about dreadlocks, which was a great help in my final decision. My choice was also helped by the fact that I found pictures of very nice work on various social networking sites and from the reviews I read, it promised a demanding, long-lasting and painless process :).

Zsófia Szabó


raszta készítés, raszta javítás Szabó Zsófia Ajánlás

… I’ve seen his beautiful work online and I think it’s worth the trip if you know later that the result will be perfect.

Júlia Varga


raszta javítás, raszta készítés Varga Júlia Ajánlás

… looking through his references I found his work to be impeccable. Once you make a serious decision like this, you should be completely satisfied with it, I am. The positive reviews have also led me to this decision.

Daniella Dörgő


raszta javítás, raszta készítés Dörgő Daniella Ajánlás

… I trusted the dreadlock master’s years of experience and his convincing work. I can only recommend him!

András Kovács


raszta javítás, raszta készítés Kovács András Ajánlás

… I only saw good reviews about it and I wanted my hair to be perfect. Despite the distance, I recommend it to everyone. Quick, painless, flawless work.

Marcell Szabó


raszta javítás, raszta készítés Szabó Marcell Ajánlás

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… I only saw good reviews about it and I wanted my hair to be perfect. Despite the distance, I recommend it to everyone. Quick, painless, flawless work.

Sára Ambrus


raszta javítás, raszta készítés Ambrus Sára Ajánlás

… I was planning to be a long-term dreadlocked person, so I was looking for someone who is demanding! A friend of mine made dreadlocks, I looked at his work and he convinced me! I can only recommend!

Árpád Biczó


raszta javítás, raszta készítés Biczo Árpád Ajánlás

… I didn’t know anyone in my area who knew how to do it, and when it comes to my hair, I’m all about quality.

Crow Cyphre


Crow Cyphre Ajánlás raszta javítás, raszta készítés

… I wanted a sophisticated dreadlock. Google image search led me to Szeged. I was not disappointed, I got super hair. Last but not least, I had very nice hospitality!

Anita Bar


Bar Anita Ajánlás raszta javítás, raszta készítés

… I knew that my dreadlocks could be made here at the best price, in the best quality and in the best hands. I dare to recommend it to anyone, no matter how far you want to travel, because it’s the best dreadlocks.

Áron Bezerics


Bezerics Áron Ajánlás raszta javítás, raszta készítés

"The dreadlocks should be an art mixed with action."

It's about progress, not about maintaining a level I think is good for years.