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We’d like you to find out a few things about us and how our dreadlocked world has evolved into what it is today. We feel it’s very legitimate that you can’t just let anyone touch your hair and trust them with your dreadlocks. For that reason, we feel entitled to be known to you.

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Dreadlocks Mastress

I was introduced to dreadlocks when I was in high school and I was instantly attracted to this hairstyle.

I pretty much embraced the style and the whole lifestyle so, it didn’t take long for me to transform and become a happy tentacled teenage girl.

A dreadlocked friend of mine made this miracle for me and showed me the ins and outs of crochet. After that, I worked on my beloved tassels exclusively for myself and was happy to fix up my friends’ tassels.

By my twenties, these tassels were in a box, but I never quite left it behind.

Because of my artistic training, I am almost always creating something. I draw, paint, make jewelry, sew, ceramics, etc. Crafting is more than a hobby for me. When I start something, I strive for perfection every time.

Hair sculpting has always been a passion of mine and to this day I dye and cut the hair of my clients, and in recent years I have had some dreadlocked faces around me whose hair I have beautified.

So if you want to get beautiful, or just start your happy tentacle years, I look forward to seeing you!

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Store Manager
- Founder of Rasztajavitas.hu

I started working with other people’s dreadlocks after 2005, so I’ve been working with dreadlocks in general for more than 15 years. I’ve studied a lot of foreign and national sites and videos, I’ve experimented on myself – and I won’t hide it, on others – who came to me to have it fixed or made (no, not lengthened, I’ve only been doing that since 2011).

I wore this dreadlock from 2004-2019, unfortunately when I started there was no reliable source on the internet on how to get a nice regular dreadlock. I’ll be honest, I ran around with a bird’s nest head for almost a year in my daily life before my best friend and I (also with dreadlock hair) figured out what dreadlocking was and how to do it. After that, I spent almost 2 years trying and experimenting, the experiences of which I have collected in the Tips and Advice section. Here I am thinking especially of the urban legends and repairs, which I have tried to explain in detail in separate sections.

What does Szücsi do besides dreadlocks?

International dreadlockings


Since 2016, not only do I have foreigners coming to my place, but sometimes I hop out into the world to do dreadlocks. It’s not just the dreadlocks embedded in other cultures that are interesting to me, but what kind of “people” hair I get to work with on a given occasion. Hungarians from abroad have always come to me, but from a 60 year old Polish uncle, English journalist guy, kneaded Jamaican dad, Mexican schoolgirl, Scottish Goás auntie, Indian girl with unconsciously thick hair, Australian IOs programmer, Nigerian patients, I have been helped to try my methods on as many hair types as possible.

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