Making dreadlocks

Just so you know, if you want us to make nice, uniformly sized, hard and stable dreadlocks from normal (i.e. not dreadlock), preferably long hair, we will be twirling your head for a good ten hours to get the expected result. It’s just the profession of dreadlock making …

In between answering your questions, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about dreadlocks, maintenance and care (actually, that’s not true at this stage, because we’ll be delivering ready-to-use knowledge materials both digitally and IRL, exclusively for our clients).

Dreadlock making prices: 40.000 Ft-150.000 Ft

(Számla igényed előre jelezd!)

raszta haj készítés

Dreadlock making a selection of our references

What do you need to do if you want this?

Here are the steps on how to sign up with us. Send us an email or write on Facebook Messenger with the information below.

Take 2-3 pictures of your hair in its current state and attach them to your message.

Measure the average length of your current hair size.

It’s not the longest or shortest part that counts, we need the average size.

Search the internet (Google is your friend) for 2-3 pictures of dreadlocks, how thick you want them. Length and color don’t matter for the pictures, we just want to get the whole style right now. Attach those pictures too.

A back hook means that the tuft ends up like a finger or a cigar. Consequently, an uncrocheted end is like the end of an ordinary hair piece.

Write whether or not you want to have the ends of your dreadlocks crocheted back.

Write down the dates when you are available to have your dreadlocks extended. Feel free to list 3-5-7 dates, because I’m going to have a pretty full calendar.

Just keep in mind that we don’t usually have a free date for 1-2 weeks. So spread those dates out over 1-6 weeks.

Contact us if you would like one!


Despite the huge distance, I chose because …

... after a long search, he seemed to be the most versatile (jointing, thickness, etc.) Besides, all my questions were answered clearly and accurately. I made the right decision!
Zoltán Sike
... I found detailed information on the website about dreadlocks, which was a great help in my final decision. My choice was also helped by the fact that I found pictures of very nice work on various social networking sites and from the reviews I read, it promised a demanding, long-lasting and painless process :).
raszta készítés, raszta javítás Szabó Zsófia Ajánlás
Zsófia Szabó
... I've seen his beautiful work online and I think it's worth the trip if you know later that the result will be perfect.
raszta javítás, raszta készítés Varga Júlia Ajánlás
Júlia Varga