Yes! You are well on your way to your dream dreadlocks.

There you are! You’ve reached the point where you can get a dreadlock, style your existing locks or get an extension.
You can also check the dreadlock prices on each service page. So be it! Choose your way into the dreadlock world below! I’ve given the prices in bands, as you could write a complete formula to give you an exact amount in advance to make your dream come true.

Dreadlock prices by services

It is necessary bad that occasionally a beautifying crochet is needed on dreadlocked hair. But how often and how long it lasts is entirely up to the dreadlock repairer’s skills.

This hairstyle has to be done sometime. But it doesn’t matter how. Your whole life is decided the moment you make a dreadlock. Is it stable and in good condition? The quality of your foundation is very important in the long run.

There is always an ideal dreadlocked hair length that everyone imagines for themselves. If you have many more years of growing to achieve it, don’t wait any longer. You can grow your dreadlocks to any length in a day.

Frequently asked questions before dreadlock services

Useful information on the phrases that appear frequently at the very beginning. The dreadlock prices, on the other hand, are listed under the specific services.

The process is not complicated, but we will need some important information about your desires, without which we will not be able to proceed to the quotation and then to the booking. Under the menu item of the service you want, you will find a list of the information/photos you need to send us. After that, everything will go your way towards your dreadlock.

Everybody can do dreadlocks in different sizes (and if the dreadlock is already done, it can be extended to any size). We do a minimum of 10 cm. This does not mean the longest hair, but the shortest hair.

Ez a kikötés nem azért lett kitalálva, hogy csak nagy és szép rasztákat készíthessünk (meg ezeknek az árát vegyük át az illetőtől). Van egy bizonyos méret, ami alatt nem lehet véglegesen, biztosan összeállítani a hajat rasztává.

No problem! You don’t have to know everything (too). Here’s a little help to help you navigate the dreadlocked world.

You need dreadlocks when you don’t have dreadlocks at all. This is the process of dreadlock creation itself.

If you already have dreadlocks, but they are not of sufficient quality, the hairs are sticking out, the normal hair at the base of your head has grown out, then dreadlock repair is for you.

It makes no difference whether you are dreadlocked or not at the moment. With dreadlock hair extensions, you will receive your final dreadlock and its length in a size larger than your current hair length. Of course, if you are already dreadlocked, you will have the extension hairs added to the ends of your existing dreadlocks. And if you’re not already dreadlocked, we’ll create a dreadlock base on your head to fit the extensions onto.


Despite the huge distance, I chose because …

... it is important to me that my dreads receive competent, demanding and careful professional care. My travel time is roughly 3 hours one way, but I have been going to Szűcsi for almost two years now without any problems. But the results always make it worth it. He is kind, interactive during the sessions and you feel almost at home in the studio where he does your hair. I highly recommend him to anyone!
raszta készítés, raszta javítás Fawkes Oliver Ajánlás
Oliver Fawkes
... I only saw good reviews about it and I wanted my hair to be perfect. Despite the distance, I recommend it to everyone. Quick, painless, flawless work.
raszta javítás, raszta készítés Szabó Marcell Ajánlás
Marcell Szabó
... I knew that my dreadlocks could be made here at the best price, in the best quality and in the best hands. I dare to recommend it to anyone, no matter how far you want to travel, because it's the best dreadlocks.
Bezerics Áron Ajánlás raszta javítás, raszta készítés
Áron Bezerics

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